Just a short update because it's freezing in the computer room and I can't sit here too long (hope all of you are warm this winter!).  Beautiful northeast Ohio is just as cold as almost the entire United States!
Where is Spring???
To give you an update on what's going on with the Buckeye Bulldog ---- the transporter has been sold to Joe Eder of North Collins, New York to become part of his antique Mack collection.  The trailer has been sold to Greg Dean of Shenandoah, Virginia.  
The Buckeye Bulldog is still up for sale.  Lots of inquiries - even as far away as Australia and Canada, but no confirmed sale as of today.  
There is still a limited supply of T shirts selling for $10 plus $6 shipping, prepaid orders only.
A big thank you to all our well-wishers and fans. 
6X NTPA national champion; 1984 Mack; fiberglass cab; light weight hood; center steering; 65,000# rears; Mack 18 speed transmission; Francis-built engine.
HAULER: 54' drop-deck trailer with 16' living quarters; sleeps 2; 8000 kw generator; bathroom; shower; hot water; fridge; microwave; leveling dollies; hydraulic tailgate ramp.
October 21, 2013
There are many factors that have contributed to my decision to retire from pulling.  Foremost among the reasons is that I am no longer able to keep up the pace of competitive pulling - both because of my age and my health.  As everyone knows, Ted Ellis has been my faithful companion and "go-fer" for the last few years and has driven the Buckeye Bulldog for the past two years.   This stress plus the cost of fuel and truck maintenance are starting to take their toll.  Add to this the fact that the rule book has NOT been enforced in regards to the semi class, i.e., checking fuel and water, having an official weigh the trucks at all venues, etc.
Therefore I have decided to put the truck up for sale and move on to other endeavors that I have included on my bucket list.  I would like to personally thank all of my faithful followers over  the past 30 years of my pulling career and wish the best to all of you.
February 20, 2013
Tired of winter?  Eagerly awaiting the first warm day when you can go outdoors with just a t shirt and shorts on?  Well, sorry, we can't make that happen any sooner than anyone else, but, at least now you can take a look at the tentative schedule for the summer.  Please remember that there may be changes.  We'll let you know as soon as we know.
Also, J.R.and Ted will be sharing the driving responsibilities for the upcoming season.
After an absence of several years, the Super Semis will once again appear in Saluda, South Carolina next summer.  Dates of this 2-day event are August 9 - 10, 2013.
But there is another prestigious event  which will occur in September, 2013 in Urbana, Ohio.  For the first time ever, the top five Super Semis will be competing at the Enderle Pulloff.  On behalf of the semi class, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Kent and the Enderle family for including our class in 2013.  We will all try our very best to qualify for this year-end event. 
The Buckeye Bulldog, along with Dodge Fever, Jacked Up, Lady Butterfly, and Sticks and Stones will be making a special appearance at the Fonda, New York Fair on Sunday, September 2, 2012. 
Then on Labor Day, Monday, September 3, 2012 they will be making a special appearance at the Essex Junction, Vermont Fair.
JULY 14, 2012
Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some people, but the new rookie driver of the Buckeye Bulldog, Ted Ellis, proved otherwise last night when he drove the Mack to his first competition WIN in New Hampton, Iowa.  J.R. commented that the old Mack got a good bite right out of the hole and Ted did a great job of driving past all the competition to a win at 311.76 feet.  "I'm really proud of him, " said J.R. , adding, "I knew all along that he would do it one day."
JANUARY 28, 2012
Hope everyone is enjoying their winter!  Two weeks ago we got 30" of snow in about 12 hours, and, boy, were we socked in!!  We live on the corner of a private street, and our garage is behind the house.  The street was not plowed until late afternoon, and then our neighbor came over with his snowblower and cleared the drive and our sidewalk so we could get out of the house.  If there had been a fire, however, we would have found a way out!  And then two days later it was raining and most of the snow had melted.  Now we're having a couple of days of snow, and the a couple of days of rain.  What a winter!
Anyway, while I was sitting around doing nothing the other day, I thought we could add another dimension to the website.  Let's call it "Ask the Buckeye Bulldog".  If anyone has any questions for Linda or Ted or me, just e-mail it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Add something in the subject line about the Buckeye Bulldog so we'll open it and not delete it as spam.  Then we'll put the question on the website and provide an answer.  At least it's a way to pass some of the long winter hours before pulling season arrives.  Let's see how it works.  
Looking forward to hearing from you.
NOVEMBER 24, 2011
Well, the pulling season is over.  It was a tough battle all summer long.  Walker and Kielmeyer really made me earn the championship this past season.  They fought me all the way, with my truck achieving only 3 wins and 2 second place finishes.  But when the final flag was dropped and the final hook was over, my old bulldog showed his stuff and came out the winner.  Now we're looking forward to the NTPA awards banquet on the 3rd of December.
Then it's on to Christmas and all the festivities included therein - too much food to eat, too many luscious desserts, too much money spent on gifts, too much utter chaos with the grandkids here - but that's the reason for everything - happy family times.  Our grandkids are at the perfect age for Santa, and it's such a joy to watch their excitement opening all their presents!  But then again, it's a big "whew!" when it's all over and they go home.
After that, we will have a quiet New Year's Eve at home with a toast to 2012, and then it's on to getting through the rest of the winter without colds and flu and other associated problems that snow, cold, and wind bring to us old folks.  Looking forward to spring and gearing up for the pulling season once again.
There will probably be some changes for our team next year.  Plans are to have Ted Ellis do the driving of the Buckeye Bulldog all season, with JR watching from his Crew Chief's position on Pee Wee the golf cart.  Ted drove a couple of times last season, and he did a good job for being a "rookie".  Let's see if he can make the bulldog shine when he's driving all season long.
Finally, our best to all of you, our loyal fans, for a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.  We hope to see you all at the first hook of 2012.
JR, Linda, and Ted
SEPTEMBER 16, 2011
August 14, 2011
About 15 years ago, Dale Francis promised me that if I ever had a catastrophic failure with my pulling truck, he would be there to correct it.  The man is true to his word!  Last Saturday night at Morley, Michigan, we wiped out the crankshaft.  Sunday we drove home.  Monday morning at 8:30 AM, Art and Mark, my two mechanics from the Sidley Mack Truck garage, began to pull the motor out of the truck.  By 2:30 PM Monday afternoon, the engine was sitting in Dale's garage.
Immediately, his guys started tearing it apart.  By 8:00 PM that night, the block was in the "washing machine" being cleaned.  The next morning we selected one of my used cranks, put it in a crank grinder, ground it, and fitted the bearings.  By 3:00 in the afternoon the crank was back in the block, the valves were being ground, and the engine was going back together.  By 2:00 the following day the engine was back in my shop, long block assembled, ready for dressing out.  Wednesday and Thursday evenings my mechanics dressed it out - turbos, headers, inter-cooler, all oil lines to the dry sump system, and on Friday evening at 6:00 PM we started it - ready for BG.
With all sincerity, I would like to thank Dale and the guys in his shop - Tom, Brian, Gary, Casey, Jake, and, of course, Albert - for working long hours and staying overtime to get the Buckeye Bulldog back in business.  Thanks again also to Art and Mark for pushing to get everything done in a timely manner.  They are all true professionals who are dedicated to getting the job done, no matter how much work is involved!
                                                                                                      J. R. 
August 3, 2011
We're about halfway through the pulling season now, with some big events yet to come.  The biggest for us, of course, is Bowling Green in the middle of August.  But I have to relate to you the trip home from hell.  Generally our lives are not so exciting that we need to have a day to day synopsis of things, but once in a while certain events really stand out!
So, this outstanding event occurred on our trip home from New Hampton, Iowa.  We had gotten up early and were on the road by 7:00 AM since we were a lonnng way from home, only to be thwarted by the fickle finger of fate.  The day became very hot and sultry - 95+ degrees, and our first problem occurred shortly after getting on the interstate.  We blew a trailer tire (inside front rear tire), and with an exit directly ahead, we limped off into a truck stop, where, lo and behold, a guy was changing a tire on another semi.  So he said he would put our spare on the trailer when he was finished.  OK, so after about a half an hour, we were on the road again.  Now, remember, we were still in Iowa.  So we didn't go even 10 miles when the same tire blew.  Now we're desperate - no spare.  We pulled into a rest area and called home to have my sister find a tire repair service close by.  Iowa 80 called us and said someone would be at our location in about an hour and a half to two hours with a brand new tire.  Two hours later they called to say it would be another 45 minutes.  When the tire man arrived, he could not get the lug nuts off the tire (although they had been taken off earlier in the day).  So we had to wait another 1/2 hour while someone from the tire repair shop brought a stronger air gun.  Bottom line - after a wait of 4-1/2 hours in 95+ degree heat, sitting in a rest area, and a charge of $670.77, we were finally on our way home.
Oh, was it mentioned that our first night at New Hampton was a rain out, and therefore we received no money?  Then you add the tire charge and the fuel bill to it, and I really don't think we broke even on our trip to New Hampton!  The redeeming grace was that I won the pull!
UPDATE - we now have 8 new tires on the trailer and two spare tires!  By the way, the two tires on the trailer were only 3 years old - about 27,000 miles on them.  So much for new "Goodyears".
REMEMBER:  I will not be appearing at the Lake County Fair in Painesville, Ohio this year.  Also, the NTPA Super Semis will not be there. 
JANUARY 24, 2011
Well, we've made it through the holidays and are in the doldrums of winter!  It's been very cold and snowy here - almost as though we'll never see spring and another truck pull!  Stay warm and safe this winter.  See you in the spring.
November, 2010
New photos of the 2010 season have been added to the Photo Gallery.
September , 2010
Parking in Champions' Row at Tomah beside the Lambada Team and getting to know them.
Seven year old granddaughter severely injured in an accident while we were in Tomah.  She was life-flighted to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland where she underwent 5-1/2 hours of reconstructive surgery.  She had four skull fractures and severe facial injuries.  Today she is back in school and progressing quite well.
Broken axle in Tomah caused us to take a 5th place.
Running overnight from Hutchinson, MN to Logansport, IN for a pull the next night.  Too long a distance to drive in such a short period of time.  Getting too old for this nonsense!
Excellent turnout at our hometown pull, but once again, we all know how hard it is to pull at home.  Brother suffered a stroke the day before the pull, which weighed heavily on our minds.
Winning the ring at BG.
Being DQ'd in Canfield. 
Running neck and neck with Jack all season and finally winning the championship.  Great competitors in the Super Semi class.
Being treated to "pullers meals" at many venues.  A big thank you to everyone involved who fed us at the pulls.  A decent meal is most appreciated.
Watching Ted Ellis do an excellent job of driving my truck for the first time in Sandwich.
Watching Larry Richwine at Sandwich do a better job of driving my truck than I did this season by keeping it inbounds down the track.  This was Larry's first time to drive a Super Semi.
The letdown at the end of the season.
Gearing up for next year with new and improved ideas.
December, 2009
Well, we've come through another season of pulling.  Despite much controversy this year, I still managed to earn another championship.  Certainly this would not have been possible without the help of my good friend, Ted Ellis.  Ted not only helped with getting the truck ready for the pulls, he is also a diesel mechanic (now this really helps!) and he has a CDL, so he could drive the road truck and I could catch some Z's.  Plus he has the youth needed to go the extra mile, whereas this old man needs to take a nap on occasion!  It was a good year.
There was a protest of my truck suspension at Little Valley, New York, where I was disqualified from a first place finish by PPL officials, to a last place finish.  The truck was "legal" enough for last place but not for first place.  The suspension issue was resolved at Bowling Green when all the NTPA semi class drivers agreed that the suspension must be secured to the frame with no movement in any direction.  So after we make this change for the 2010 season, we'll be able to determine whether my 2009 championship was the result of a "questionable suspension" or the fact that the new cab allowed us to move 2400 pounds from the front of the truck to the back.  Any guesses?
And despite everything PPL tried to do to me at Waynesburg, I still won that pull.  However, my true loyalty resides with NTPA, and I will always be a staunch NTPA supporter.  There are naysayers in every pulling venue, but first and foremost I must say that I have never cheated to win, and I will NEVER cheat to win.  The best truck will win the pull.  And the truck that can return time after time for pulloffs or the next venue, will ultimately be the best truck on the track.  One pass wonders do not make for a champion.
Over the winter months please check back on the website since there will be photos added from the past season.  You'll be able to get a good look at the new cab we introduced at the beginning of the 2009 season.
Lastly, reflections on the upcoming pulling season and the new year.  Linda, Ted, and I would like to wish all our friends and fans the best for 2010.  May you be healthy and happy.  Let's hope that 2010 brings a better life to everyone. 

July, 2009



Since the beginning of the season there has been quite a bit of controversy over my “alleged illegal” truck suspension. Most of the complaints have come from pullers who have not even seen the truck to this date. NTPA, PPL, and Big Rigs all have the same rule book. When we sat down to design the suspension, the first thing Dale Francis and I did was to read the rule book over and over and over again. After reading the rule book, we designed the suspension that is under my truck today.

Also, I decided to spend money and buy a fiberglass cab and hood from Joe Frey in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. This new cab has a combined weight of 250 pounds vs. the weight of the old cab at 1750 pounds. Then we replaced the front axle, springs, shackles, and steering box with a tubular front axle and hydraulic steering designed and built by Dale Francis. We lightened the truck by 2340 pounds, which could then be moveable weight on the rear of the truck. Our objective in making these changes was to achieve greater traction.

With all of these changes, as we all know, we opened a humongous can of worms! The truck would not go straight down the track, which caused me to lose several pulls and look like a beginner. Our last trip out, we believe that finally we have made sufficient corrections to get the old Buckeye Bulldog back to championship pulling form. Sunday at New Hampton, Iowa I went 375 feet.

I challenge those pullers who have been “badmouthing” me and my truck regarding my suspension to prove where it is written in the rule book that it is illegal. I also challenge them to a “hitch-raising” contest, since the complaint is that my suspension raises the hitch. Every other modified semi raises the hitch higher than my hitch. Finally, propane - I have decided that at the pulls where my fellow pullers are complaining that the propane “somehow” is fed illegally into the engine, the spectators will be the ones to suffer because they will not have a fire show. I will put the propane tanks on the trailer.

I also would prefer that if anyone has a problem with me or my truck, that they would be a man about it and confront me directly instead of badmouthing me behind my back.

June, 2009

Our Newest Crew Member

Ted Ellis

Some of you may have seen a new crew member with us for the latter half of last season. He will be traveling with us again this year for the entire season. His name is Ted Ellis, from Busti, New York, and is a family friend. Ted is 21 years old and graduated in 2008 from the Ohio Technical College in Cleveland, Ohio in the diesel technology field. Ted assists as a mechanic, helper, go-fer, or whatever needs to be done. He jumps right in and is not afraid to get dirty working on the truck. Ted also has a CDL and will be sharing some of the driving responsibilities of the road truck this season. We certainly appreciate all that Ted does to keep the Buckeye Bulldog in championship form.

September 21, 2008

Wow, what a season we've had!

Take a look at our new website. You'll be surprised - it really is coming along. What a great change from our old site. Hope you like it.

The Buckeye Bulldog in Tomah

And talk about our pulling season! Had some problems with tires at the beginning of the season in Tomah - thought I'd put different ones on to try to get a better hold of the ground, but I second-guessed myself on that one! Ended up putting the old tires back on the truck. We also had minimal breakage this year - broke two axles in Findlay, but one was not discovered until I tried to drive the truck off the trailer in Essex Junction, Vermont. Thought the truck was trying to do a hula! Then during an exhibition pull in Sandwich, I broke another axle. Thanks to Mark and Steve Haselby and Ted Ellis, we got that one changed before the evening exhibition pull. Since that time we have had billet axles made which are guaranteed to be three times stronger than regular axles.

Other than minor routine maintenance throughout the season, this year the old Buckeye Bulldog led us to our third championship year of pulling with NTPA.

– J.R.

June 4, 2007

J.R. Speaks Out About the Buckeye Bulldog and the 2007 Season

Getting ready for a big pulling season? Well, after taking a year off due to health problems, we are gearing up for bigger and better things this year. The Buckeye Bulldog is up and running as we speak, and we’re getting excited about starting on the circuit. We are doing a Boy Scouts Expo. this weekend at home, just to shake off the cobwebs and get back in the driver’s seat.

We’ve made a few changes to the truck over the last year. We had issues in 2005 with the durability of the camshaft - lots of breakage and missing some pulls. So we talked to Ken Veney and Crower Camshaft, and through the efforts of Dale Francis at Francis Engineering, we have redesigned the camshaft. Hopefully what we have done will make a big difference this year. It is not on our agenda to miss pulls due to breakage. We have also made some cosmetic improvements to our trailer.

This year will also find two other Mack trucks on the circuit that are very similar to the Buckeye Bulldog - one owned by Fred Sanders of Ravenna, Ohio, and the other owned by Dick Bonner of Mantua, Ohio. Let's see which one of the three is going to prevail this season! We'll have a real battle of the bulldogs!

And finally I am happy to report that my health appears to be better that it has been for the past five years. And David Letterman and Regis Philbin only had heart bypass surgery once! This was my second go-around. After the triple bypass, I developed a sternal infection, which required a second surgery two weeks after the bypass. I spent the entire month of June in the hospital and was on infusion medication for six weeks afterwards. Finally by mid-August I started to feel better. Although it was a very tough summer last year with my two major surgeries, now I feel 100% ready to put the pedal to the metal and go that 310 feet at every pull for a championship year! Finally, a big thank you once again to everyone for all their thoughts and prayers and get-well wishes during my recovery.

– J.R. and Linda

October 20, 2006

J.R. Speaks Out About 2006 & 2007

Now that four months have passed since I went into the hospital and was recuperating during the entire pulling season, I have been going to rehab. at the hospital. Things are starting to look a lot better. Even my legs are starting to remember what they are supposed to do.

For all of you fans who think I might be washed up, well, look out - I will be back next year to make up for my bad year of 2006. We have good things in the works for the Buckeye Bulldog for 2007. I’m not saying I will win everything next year, but I will say that Prohibbitted I, II, and III, Dodge Fever, and Shameless had better have their "A" game on every hook because Linda and I will be on time and on line at every hook. That I promise!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and cards and phone calls while I have been recuperating. God heard every one of you.

As a side note, our third grandson, baby Aiden Ray Collins was born September 27th and may be driving the Buckeye Bulldog soon.

Thank you!

– J.R.

April 25, 2006

J.R. Speaks Out About Europe

The Buckeye Bulldog in Europe

Well, we have just returned from an awesome trip to Rotterdam, Holland and the Ahoy Stadium, courtesy of the European Tractor Pullers. What an honor that was bestowed upon us - an invitation to exhibition the Buckeye Bulldog in Rotterdam! NTPA President Dave Schreier and wife Christine, Larry, Linda, and Robert Richwine, Mark Massey and wife, and Nick Jacobs, and our friends Dale and Bwana Francis and Lyle Pizzino also attended, along with the Wileman's, who brought their John Deere tractor. The weather was bright but cold, and we were amazed at the number of fans who came to the show. Many of them came to the pit area before the show to see the truck and introduce themselves. There were several vintage Mack trucks there, and before they left, each one of them pulled his Mack alongside our Bulldog and took pictures. The truck ran like a champ, the European Tractor Pullers honored me with a beribboned medal and trophy, and bouquets of flowers for the ladies. The show was very well attended, and I think everyone appreciated seeing the fire show at the end of the pull.

We were also able to see some of the Dutch countryside, visiting a windmill, wooden shoe factory, cheese factory, a very beautiful church (a replica of St. Peter's Church in Rome) and the Waterworks. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Jan Buitenhuis, President of the European Tractor Pullers, our good friends, Anne-Marie and Dirk Meijer, our tour guides Ben and Nel vdKlundert, and Martin van Lomwel who made sure we had everything we needed for the truck.

Then we traveled on the Thalys (the "fast train") to Paris for six days of sightseeing there (a tour of the city which included a boat ride on the Seine, a trip to Normandy and the WWII battle sights, a trip to Mont St. Michel, and to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and just wandering around Montmartre for a little local color).

What a wonderful opportunity we had to make friends with the European Tractor Pullers. Our thanks go out to everyone who was affiliated with the effort and to all the fans who, I hope, enjoyed having us there. We are forever grateful to you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please visit PullingWorld.com for photos of the European trip. Look under Multimedia, then Photos 2006, then Europe, Netherlands, and then Ahoy Stadium (pages 1, 5 and 10 have several pictures of the Buckeye Bulldog).

– J.R. and Linda

November 3, 2005

J.R. talks about his season, his invitation to Holland, and other things.

Well, we've made it through another pulling season. However, this year was not good. We had lots of breakage and missed several pulls. But, that old Bulldog is going to be shaped up over the winter in hopes that next year will bring us a championship.

A couple of positive notes – I won our home town pull - Painesville, Ohio, which was a feat in itself. It's awfully hard to win at home when everyone in the world that you know is there watching you. Gives a body a case of nerves - about like going out on your first date! And then we went to Bowling Green, Ohio and won the championship ring - a First Place on Friday night and a Second Place on Sunday afternoon! Check out the photo gallery for a picture of Linda and me receiving the ring from Joe Schaller of BG fame.

And now the biggest feather in my hat EVER – we have been invited to go to Rotterdam, Holland in March 2006 to exhibition the Buckeye Bulldog for the European Tractor Pullers. We have been working closely with Jan Buitenhuis, President of the European Tractor Pullers, to finalize our trip. I will be taking the truck to Baltimore sometime in January for its trip to Rotterdam. It won't get home until April. Then at the beginning of March Linda and I, Dale Francis and his wife, and Dick Bonner and his wife will be flying to Amsterdam. After a week with the crew in Rotterdam, we are planning to spend a few days in France (Linda majored in French in college) and then maybe we'll take in some of the Italian countryside.

Boy, what a way to get rid of the winter doldrums!! I know we'll have a great time and we're all getting anxious for our big trip.

– J.R. and Linda

August 24, 2005

J.R. talks about his big win at Bowling Green

I would like to thank everyone at BG for putting on a good show - Joe Schaller, the Blue Shirts, and others. Congrats on the great new building. It was an honor and a lifetime ambition to win the ring. It was an honor to be one of the 11 best out of 586 hooks this year. Thanks also to the fans and the sponsors. We had a great time.

May 25, 2005

J.R. Speaks Out About A Tribute to a Friend

It is with great sadness that I write this message. The J.R. Collins Pulling Team has lost one of its own. On February 22, 2005, Paul Faith succumbed to cancer.

I have known Paul since 1975 when he was a Pennsylvania State Trooper working the truck scale detail in Erie County, PA. When Paul retired from the State Police (I must add, at an early age) he traveled with Linda and I, and the Buckeye Bulldog, to all the NTPA Events. A few years later, he purchased a set of scales and began weighing the semis at each pull. He became friends with all of the pullers. Paul also created the logos for all of our tee shirts with the help of his good friend Brad Kimmy of Corry, PA.

Paul is survived by his wife Fran of Corry, PA, and children Emery, Bradley, Paula, and three grandchildren. Paul was 57.

Rest in peace my good friend. We love you.

– J.R. and Linda

May 20, 2005

JR Speaks Out On the New NTPA/RFD TV Series

After all these years, NTPA is leading the pulling industry in a full time series of truck and tractor pulling on major TV Dish and cable Networks. This series will start September 6, 2005 on Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM on RFD TV for one year. The program will have the same format as the prior Travel Channel programs about NTPA pulling. What a great market for sponsors and advertisers on a rural TV channel. Hopefully, major corporations will jump aboard and use this opportunity to have their products promoted on this weekly series. NTPA once again takes the lead as they have in the past. NTPA was the first pulling organization to have televised tractor pulling, they were the first and only pulling organization to have LIVE pulling coverage on TV, and once again they take the lead by introducing the first regularly scheduled weekly Truck & Tractor pulling Series.

It is my hope that the program will assist NTPA and individuals in obtaining sponsorships from major companies. I look forward to participating with NTPA in this groundbreaking endeavor.

– J.R.

September 22, 2004

J.R. Speaks Out About Larry Carey

Congratulations to Larry Carey for winning the championship this year. Fifteen plus years and he never gave up. Consistencey and persistency is what wins a championship - and he has exhibited both. Congratulations also to Tom Lindsey, Larry's engine builder.

– J.R. and Linda

August 2, 2004

J.R. Speaks Out About Greg Hibbitts

On the Travel Channel interview with me, I stated that to be a champion you have to earn it. The first time comes easy, the second time is harder, and the third time is harder yet. Everyone wants to beat up on the champ. Two weeks ago in Charlotte, MI Super Semi Champion Greg Hibbitts' world came to an end when he put five of six pistons on the track in an exhibiton pull. He proved that he deserves to be champ by putting a complete brand new engine in the truck within two weeks and was at Ionia on July 31st for a points pull. In my eyes he is a true champion - and on top of everything else in Ionia, Greg and his team worked on my truck to get me going with the result being that I won the pull that night.


– J.R. and Linda

April 4, 2004

J.R. Speaks Out About ATPA -- Full Pull -- Schedule Changes


In September of 2003 we bought a 2004 competition license for ATPA, registered the truck, and did all of the legalities of what should be done to compete. As of this date, we have not received the ATPA license or truck registration. In my mind, seven months is too long a period to wait for licensing. With this in mind, I feel that ATPA and Full Pull do not want or need me or my truck, so we are cancelling all affiliations with ATPA and Full Pull for 2004. Sorry, we thought things might go in a better direction, but it seems that some things never change.

For the people on the East coast, we will be in Winchester, VA along with Greg Hibbitts and both Prohibbitted I and II, on June 18.

– J.R.

December 8, 2003

J.R. Speaks Out About LARRY CAREY

That is a mouthful any more!! When I first met Larry, he had an old Dodge with a little Detroit in it. Nobody worried about the Dodge with a yellow Garfield Fat Cat flag on top of it. Slowly but surely, Larry came around. One day the old Dodge had a 600 hp KT Cummins planted into it. Well, that woke up the old Dodge and everyone around semi pulling. But the worst was yet to come: the day Larry met this little snot-nosed kid named Tom Lindsey, who is now one of my best friends. Tom started to help Larry with his KT - that and a lot of money and dedication and 600 million miles back and forth from Morley, Michigan to Duncansville, Pennsylvania.

Larry Carey has become the man to be reckoned with in the Super Semi class. Larry worked very hard and drove many miles and many hours this year, and he almost won the championship of our class in the N.T.P.A. in 2003. He did beat Greg Hibbitts and me for Puller of the Year in the Super Semi class. Larry, Edee (his friend who is by his side at all times, good or bad times), and especially Tom Lindsey - the three of them have shown us in the Super Semi class in the N.T. P. A. organization what it takes to become a real champion.

Congrats, Larry - we all love ya, man!!!!

– J.R.

December 6, 2003 - Columbus, OH


Boy, what a nice turnout in Columbus at the annual N.T.P.A. convention on December 6, 2003 for the meeting we had for this new class for 2004. I believe Mike Larribee and the boys held a very informative and intelligent meeting. We discussed rules and regulations and what to build.

The thing that I got out of it all is that there are still people out there who are afraid to spend a little money on safety equipment. We all went through this kind of thinking when we first started. I wish everyone in that room would have seen the picture on the screen during the banquet of the total bottom side of one tractor at Tomah this year as it was tipping over. (No names mentioned). But all of us in that room all of a sudden realized how lucky we are that we have an organization that looks at safety in an intelligent way. We need all the pullers we can get. But we must insist on safety. Spend the money on safety first - the turbo will come along later.

Now the money - this class has the potential to put a lot of money back into your pocket, especially if you pull some with the Super Semi's. It is exciting to be a part of this class. Don't worry, you WILL find a way to pay for and travel to pulls if you really love pulling as much as I do. GOOD LUCK!!!!

– J.R.

October 21, 2003

J.R. Speaks Out on new hitch rule

We just returned from Raleigh, NC where we tested different hitch heights for the Super Semi class. After several runs down the track, it was determined that a hitch height of 16 inches with a shorter chain of 46 inches will be used for the 2004 pulling season. Previously, our hitch was 46 inches high and we used a chain of 15 feet. Tech officials and sled operators took pictures and agreed that the truck was much more stable on the track , with no bounce, and no "squirrelly" movement of the truck on the track. I was skeptical about this change before actually experimenting, but it felt as though the truck was bolted solid to the sled, instead of out on the end of a 15 foot "crack the whip" chain.

With the shorter chain and the lower hitch, the truck seemed to have better traction with a straighter path down the track. We did back-to-back pulls down the track: first with the higher hitch and longer chain, then with the new set-up. Track conditions were as close as could be to identical. RESULT: With the shorter chain set-up, the truck went 9 feet further and stayed on the prepared track at the 300 foot mark.

It will probably cause problems for other semis that pull for other organizations because of this change for NTPA, but if they once pull with this set-up, they will agree that the lower hitch and shorter chain are a much smoother and safer ride.

– J.R.

September 27, 2003 - Bloomsburg, PA

Top 3 NTPA Super Semis go to Bloomsburg, PA to take top three spots at ATPA event AND SUCCEED WITH AUTHORITY!!

J.R. says, "We were treated better than expected after a five year absence. Rick Feicht appeared very glad to see us there and treated us very well. We hope that the fans at Bloomsburg appreciated the fact that we were there and enjoyed the show."

Greg Hibbitts took the top spot with Prohibbitted, Larry Carey was second with Dodge Fever (prepared by Tom Lindsey), and the Buckeye Bulldog took third.


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